Everything You Need to Know About
Family Fun and Learning
Raising Chickens at Home

Do you want to:

    • Show your children where their food really comes from?
    • Reconnect your kids with nature in an increasingly urban world?
    • Draw youngsters away from TV and video games into a healthy outdoor activity?
    • Teach kids the pride and accomplishment of producing fresh, organic eggs in their own backyard?
    • Watch your children grow in responsibility as they care for and enjoy their own thriving flock?

Raising chickens at home is HOT right now.
And you can do it even with a small backyard.

Maybe your kids have already been begging for some chickens of their own so they can eat fresh eggs or hatch baby chicks.  You really want to join in the urban farming movement that is taking off everywhere.  You'd love to teach your children the independence of producing their own delicious food.  

But, if you've never kept poultry, you're not sure what you would be getting yourself into.

This guide is for you!

Even if you have no experience at all, this e-book will give you all the information you need as a parent to confidently oversee your children and make this richly rewarding project a success for your family.

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As a parent, you will learn:

bullet 10 powerful reasons for keeping back yard chickens
bullet How much space you need to keep chickens
bullet Where to find out about local regulations about keeping chickens
bullet What kind of shelter you must provide
bullet How to choose the right breed for your needs and your climate
bullet What kind of feed chickens eat
bullet Where to find your first birds
bullet How to hatch your chickens from fertile eggs in an incubator you build yourself
bullet How to care for newly hatched chicks
bullet Fun chicken facts for kids
bullet How many eggs you can expect from your hens
bullet Why you don't need a rooster if you just want your hens to lay fresh eggs for breakfast
bullet How many years your chickens could live
bullet How to network with other back yard chicken owners
bullet How to teach your dog to leave the chickens alone
bullet Ways to keep your flock safe from predators like snakes, raccoons, weasels and hawks
bullet What table scraps you must not feed your chickens
bullet How to safely add a new bird to your flock
bullet Checklist of daily care tasks your children can carry out
bullet Why showing your chickens in competitions is so much fun for kids
bullet How to train a chicken to do simple tricks
bullet What your kids can learn from your flock’s "pecking order"
bullet How to instantly check on your flock’s health
bullet Ways to keep your neighbours happy
bullet And much more...

Look for the "Kid benefit:" heading throughout the e-book to tip you off to  benefits your kids can get from keeping chickens

  • Your chickens can be the source of endless school projects -- everything from their history, their care, to how keeping backyard chickens helps the planet.

  • There are tons of chicken centered activities you can find -- including amazing experiments with eggs, egg painting, hatching chicks, showing chickens in local competitions and teaching a favorite hen amusing tricks.  And don't forget all the fun cooking with home grown eggs.

  • Chickens can open up a whole new circle of friends as your kids get to know the children of other urban chicken keepers or join a breed club or 4H Club to learn leadership and other valuable social skills.

  • Chickens are easy to look after but need daily attention.  What a terrific way for your kids to learn responsibility and take pride in the well being of their very own little flock.

Don't wait another minute
to give your family the fun and benefits of raising chickens at home,
whether you live in the country, the suburbs or right downtown.

Parents' Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens for Kids

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 Parents' Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens for Kids,
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P.S.  You may not have believed that you could raise chickens and give your kids an incredible experience of farming right in your urban back yard, but you can. 

P.P.S. This book is specially designed for you, as a parent, so that you know exactly what is involved in raising and keeping chickens and can confidently oversee your children as they discover the delight and fascination of having chickens of their own.                                                                

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